The Platform

We operate a diverse portfolio of industrial real estate that comprises of modern facilities and land parcels in strategic locations/markets to help clients maximize the efficiency of their supply chain to the maximum.

Combines the benefits of both BTS and readily-built models to provide greater flexibility

"Readymade + Built to Suit = Flexible-Off-The-Rack TM"

Acquisition :

Our in-house team of experts is well-versed in large acquisitions for warehousing. With our years of experience and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every acquisition has a clean title and a strategic locational importance.

Design :

Every CGD development typically incorporates industry-leading features such as lofty roof height, super-flat floor area, high dock-door ratios, extensive truck courts and ample trailer storage area.

Deployment :

Our 250+ strong in-house engineering team is extremely capable. Our rich experience in deploying high-quality infrastructure well within budgets and timelines will be a strategic advantage to clients.

“Flexibility-Off-The-Rack TM”

CGD’s industrial warehousing solutions are based on a simple, yet innovative methodology that focuses at the core of client’s needs. We offer super structures built to international specifications in standard sizes, designed with flexibility to customize and change scale at any point during the engagement lifecycle. This helps clients save precious time to market and costs as well. We call this model as ‘Flexibility Off-The-Rack’.